A storm is on the way. Are you ready? Did you know the average cost to repair water damage is about $2,500 and rising? How are you going to protect your most valuable asset? 

The MinuteMan Home Kit features specially designed bags that are stored flat and contain a non-toxic super-absorbent. When placed in fresh water, they expand to 500 times their initial weight in 2-3 minutes and can be used just like sandbags, but are more effective and easier to use. 

Included in the MinuteMan Home Kit are (6) rectangular bags for exterior doors  and (2) 8' tubular bags for garage doors. The MinuteMan Home Kit Lite includes (2) rectangular bags and (1) tubular bag. When properly installed, they provide a barrier against wind and water.

The MinuteMan Home Kit provides multiple benefits, including:
...Compact and easy to store.
...Always ready and easier to use than messy sandbags.
...Reduces your risk of costly water damage.
...Provides peace of mind!

Note: Not for use in salt water. 

MinuteMan Home Kits

MinuteMan Home Kit Lite
$24.99  $19.99
MinuteMan Home Kit
$59.99  $39.99
MinuteMan Home Kit 2-Pack
$99.99  $69.99
MinuteMan Home Kit 3-Pack
$139.99  $99.99