Medical Emergencies

Posted by Jeff Groh on 1/2/2019 to News
In the next installment of our series on disaster preparedness, we discuss preparing for medical emergencies. 

Keeping Warm and Staying Cool During an Emergency

Posted by Jeff Groh on 11/15/2018
A winter storm is expected with several days of below freezing temperatures. Power outages are expected. If you lose heat, are you prepared? This sixth in our series on disaster preparedness discusses this topic. 

Powering Your Way Through a Disaster

Posted by Jeff Groh on 9/26/2018
We have all been there: a storm comes rolling through and the power goes out. Usually just an inconvenience. But what if the power stays out for days or even weeks? Do you have a plan? This article addresses that topic. 

Let There Be Light

Posted by Jeff Groh on 9/19/2018 to News
During a disaster, have a source of light does not only allow you to operate and perform important tasks when it is dark, it can be a matter of safety and an important aspect of surviving a disaster from a psychological perspective. 

Finding Shelter in a Storm

Posted by Jeff Groh on 9/4/2018
In wilderness survival the rule of thumb is first to find shelter, then water, and finally food. But for most of us, we already live in a home and during an emergency situation, finding water and food is most important, then securing your home. In this article we discuss that issue. 

Water, Water Everywhere...But Is It Safe to Drink?

Posted by Jeff Groh on 8/15/2018
A human can survive about three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food. In a disaster, air is normally not an issue, so water becomes the first priority for short-term survival. This article discusses that disaster preparedness topic. 

Disaster Preparedness and Food

Posted by Jeff Groh on 8/8/2018 to News
A typical response to an impending storm is to run out to the local grocery store for bread and milk. But is this really the basis of preparing your family with enough food during a disaster? This article addresses that issue. 

5 Steps For Disaster Preparedness (DP)

Posted by Jeff Groh on 8/1/2018
In this article, we address the importance of leaning new skills and acquiring knowledge, and of meeting our basic needs first. 

The Basics of Disaster Preparedness (DP)

Posted by Jeff Groh on 7/24/2018 to News
In this article, we cover some practical basics of disaster preparedness and useful resources. 

Get Your Critical Pre-Flood Checklist - Before It's Too Late!

Posted by Jeff Groh on 7/19/2018
Download this critical pre-flood checklist before it's too late!

Your Flood Bag Questions Answered - Volume 3: What About Pooled Water?

Posted by Jeff Groh on 7/11/2018
In this article we address a recent comment about whether the MinuteMan Flood Bags can really prevent pooled water from entering a home. 

Your Flood Bag Questions Answered - Volume 2: What About Weep Holes?

Posted by Jeff Groh on 7/3/2018 to News
This article addresses a question about weep holes in bricks at the base of a foundation, and whether MinuteMan Flood Bags (or sandbags for that matter), can protect against water entering the house. 

Helpful Hints on Using MinuteMan Flood Bags

Posted by Jeff Groh on 6/27/2018
This article provides a helpful information on using MinuteMan Flood Bags

Your Flood Bag Questions Answered - Volume 1

Posted by Jeff Groh on 6/18/2018
A customer recently asked the following question: "So, what happens when the absorbent expands to the maximum capacity? The water will seep through, right?" This article addresses that question. 

Getting Prepared for an Emergency in Three Easy Steps

Posted by Jeff Groh on 6/13/2018
Getting prepared for an emergency is not complicated. This valuable information from the Red Cross focuses on three easy steps. 

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